Clubhouse Coordinator Dave Engstrom and member Monica Stuckey. Monica shared her story with the audience on how Clubhouse has been such an important part of her recovery.

A Fundraiser for the Wabash Valley Friendship Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse provides a judgement-free space for those suffering from a serious mental illness to go each day to enhance their everyday living skills. This is an important part of helping our members live their best life at their highest level possible. For some, that means going to college or getting their GED. For others that could mean learning to budget their money, shopping for household necessities or even learning how to cook a meal.

Many great things are going on each day to help our Members. Our Clubhouse has grown since it's first year and has moved into their new and much larger building.

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Meet the Dancers

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John and Kasey
Meet the dancers
Meet the dancers
The Pantheon a Business and Innovation Theatre
Meet the dancers
Judy and Ryan
Willows Family Health Center
Meet the dancers
Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation
Meet the dancers
Breanne and Ryan
Meet the dancers

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Vote for Amanda

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Individual Seat

$ 75.00 USD

Polka Sponsorship

$ 500.00 USD

Waltz Sponsorship

$ 1,000.00 USD

VIP Salsa Sponsorship

$ 2,500.00 USD
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